Does Alkaline water matter?

Alkaline Water

The fact that drinking water is good for our body is well-known to everyone. But according to some people there is one even better and that is alkaline water. Let’s just start from the beginning and make it clear about what alkaline water actually is.

The word “alkaline” refers to the pH level. That is a number that measures how acid or alkaline every single food or drink is on a scale of 0 to 14. Something with the number 1 would be very acidic and with 13 would be very alkaline. Normal water has pH number of 7 and alkaline water has typically a pH of 8 or 9. Alkaline water also contains alkaline minerals and some other substances. 

Many people believe that drinking alkaline water can help balance out the pH of our body. It should also protect our body against inflammation, digestive issues and some other diseases. But does it really work?

Many health professionals say that there aren’t enough studies to support this claim so there is practically no scientific evidence, which says that this water really works. But there are few studies that suggest that this water could be helpful to people with certain conditions, e.g. people with high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol. 

So although the group of alkaline water supporters is lately very big, until other studies are made, no one can truly claim that this water is definitely better for our health than normal drinking water. 

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