Muay Thai Knee Strikes

Muay Thai Knee

Muay Thai is a great sport, but many times the strength of your attacks comes from using the right knee strikes. Without them and a proper attack strategy, you can often lose. That’s why you need to be fully focused and prepared, otherwise you will deal with various challenges. Here you have a list with some popular Muay Thai Knee Strikes.

Khao Trong

The Khao Trong is popular, and that’s because it can easily be thrown even if you are close, be it in the clinch or outside of it. The idea with this is that it targets the middle and you should try to land it near the abdomen for the utmost efficiency. With this knee strike, you can put someone down fast and easy.

Khao Kratai

It’s called the rabbit knee strike, and the reason for it is that you drain strength from the opponent. You want to use it to attack the inner thighs, and it works great. It will cause some stinging pains, usually this will reset the opponent, and you can use much powerful Muay Thai Knee Strikes to finish things up. Yes, it works great and it’s super adaptable.

Khao Noi

The small knee strike is pretty much what the name says, a strike focused on the knees of your enemy. The idea behind this is that you want to launch a few short attacks to the knees of your opponent as you try to bring him down. It can work great especially if you want to break a lock, because these strikes are pretty painful.

Khao Loi

Landing the Khao Loi which is a flying knee strike is very hard. You want to use the Khao Loi when the opponent is off-balanced because you will have to leap and switch movement. If he can react on the spot, you will end up with trouble. And that’s why you need to ensure that your Khao Loi is fast and very focused with a lot of force as well.

Khao Yao

The Khao Yao is known as the long knee and it requires you to kick the enemy’s knee from a long range. The idea here is that you charge towards his knee and you do a diagonal strike combined with a straight strike. This can confuse the opponent, and many times it can be very successful too.

Khao Tat

What makes the Khao Tat great is because it’s very fast, offensive and you can tackle your opponent in the midsection. Once you use this, you want to opt for a horizontal knee guard. You will need that if you want to keep the opponent away and eventually win. But it’s a great blow and one that will weaken him as you prepare for the final attacks.

It’s important to learn as many Muay Thai Knee Strikes as possible as you will enjoy them a lot as time goes by. The trick is to find the best strikes and test them out as well as train as much as possible. The more you train, the better you will get. Many of these require intense training, but they will be worth it as you will become a much better Muay Thai performer as a result!

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