Muay Thai Round Kick vs TKD and other disciplines

TKD Kick

Muay Thai and Taekwondo are the masters of kicking between the martial arts. Muay Thai is mostly considered more brutal, dangerous and lethal of these two but there is no doubt that Taekwondo has also some very effective strikes and kicks. So let’s compare round kicks of these two combat sports. 

The advantage of Muay Thai kicks is using of the shins. Instead of using foot, Muay Thai fighters use their shins to ensure enduring power when doing kicks. Round kick in Muay Thai has mostly very devastating power because the entire body is moving into this kick. The power of this kick comes from the momentum and weight of the body. It starts with the lead foot stepping past the target, shoulders and hips rotating and then finally the leg follows the rotation. 

Taekwondo kicks are considered a bit “milder” than Muay Thai but we can also find some brutal kicks that can cause a knockout. Round kick in Taekwondo is also very powerful because it uses the large muscles of the quadriceps together with the centripetal force to generate power. We cannot forget also the spin kicks that are popular in Taekwondo. For example 360 or even 540 spin kick can be very impressive and powerful. 

If you want to learn Muay Thai kicks you will need more ferocity and stamina than in Taekwondo but in the end it’s all matter of your personal preferences.  

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