Muay Thai Styles: Muay Femur

 Muay Femur Muay Thai

Muay Femur is one of the Muay Thai styles and by watching some Muay Femur fighter we can see all that is really beautiful about the Muay Thai art.

This style is not focused on physical strength or brute force but it uses all the precise and well thought techniques which Muay Thai offers. Muay Femur master needs to perfectly handle the Muay Thai techniques and stay absolutely calm and balanced during the whole fight. 

Thanks to the precise technique of Muay Femur’s fighter it may seem, that they have a sixth sense because of their ability to see and predict the attacks of an opponent before they happen. They can make every opponent’s move very predictable and will be able to read them like a book. Then they can use the opponent’s style against them and break down their tactic one weapon by one. 

Muay Femur is very impressive to watch and it’s this style which draws people to Muay Thai stadiums. On the other hand for the opponent of Muay Femur stylist it will be probably one of the most difficult and challenging strikes ever. But history shows that it’s possible to beat Muay Femur master, although it’s very long and frustrating task to do. 

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