Muay Thai styles: Muay Khao

Muay Khao Muay Thai

Muay Thai, or the art of 8 limbs, is very tactical and strategic type of martial art and it has many different distinct styles. One of them is Muay Khao. 

Muay Khao literally means “knee fighting” but it offers much more than just using knees. Sometimes are the fighters of this style called the masters of the clinch and they are one of the most physically conditioned Muay Thai fighters. Their big strengths are durability, relentless or physical strength and by using them they intend to break the opponent down both physically and mentally. They never stop moving forward so for the opponent it feels like fighting with an octopus and when they manage to get them to a clinch, the fight is practically over. 

There is no surprise that one of the most famous Muay Thai fighter is also Muay Khao master. But no need to be desperate. History shows us that even Muay Khao masters have their weaknesses and can be conquered. All you need is the right tactics and techniques appropriate to fighter’s adopted style and sooner or later you will be able to succeed in this daunting task of beating Muay Khao fighter. 

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