Muay Thai Styles: Muay Mat

Muay Mat Boxing

From all the Muay Thai styles is Muay Mat probably one of the most used and popular among the fans of this ancient martial art. The Muay Mat fighters specialize in heavy punches and low kicks. This style is very aggressive and full of thrilling exchanges in the ring. 

For Muay Mat fighters it’s typical the ferocity and never-ending will to fight. They are very effective in close exchanges and pressuring forward. Their tactic is based on devastating low kicks and heavy punches to the head and body, which should break their opponents down. The pace of their fight is always very high as well as the overall intensity of the fight, especially if their opponent is another Muay Mat fighter. Their main goal is to reach the knockout even if it means to take a lot of damage and losing points.

Being in a ring with Muay Mat fighter can be very intimidating and exhausting. There is no universal way, how to fight Muay Mat, because what can be useful against one fighter doesn’t need to work against another one. You need to find the most appropriate techniques and tactics for your own adopted style. So don’t try to use the style, which doesn’t feel naturally for you or you will be much more busy to fight yourself than your opponent. 

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