The Jab in Boxing

Jab in Boxing

If we talk about boxing we have to clarify what the jab is. The jab is the most important strike in a boxer’s arsenal. True, this strike doesn’t usually end fights but helps to set up other punches, distract your opponents or keep them busy and force them to be defensive. All the best ring technicians have a good solid jab so if you aspire to be a good boxer, you should definitely find the time to learn and perfect it. 

The jab is probably the simplest strike that a fighter can use and it takes the least amount of energy to throw but it’s also very a effective weapon if you want to upset your opponent and save some energy for your next attack. Most boxers use their left hand to throw a jab because it’s the closest weapon to your opponent. That is a big advantage of a jab but on the other hand it means that this strike doesn’t have the power of the mostly dominant right hand. 

There is one Chinese proverb which says: “Do not fear the ten thousand techniques practiced one time, fear the one technique practiced ten thousand times.” Keep that in mind while perfecting your jab. 

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