The Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet

In last few years ketogenic diet - or shortly keto diet – has become very popular in a world of diets. But what is it actually about and how it works? Can keto diet be dangerous for our health? Well let’s look at that.

The ketogenic diet is based on low-carb, high-fat meals, which can help you to burn your fat more effectively.  This diet allows the body to produce molecules called “ketones” which are used by your body as an alternative fuel source if blood sugar is in short supply. This metabolic state is called ketosis and it’s caused by reduction of carbohydrates. When your body reaches this state, it becomes incredibly effective in burning fat for energy. This is really great if you are trying to lose weight, but another advantage is that there is no reason to starve. 

Typical food to remain in ketosis state is e.g. fish and seafood, natural fats (olive oil, butter etc.), cheese, meat, egg or vegetable. On the other hand you should avoid eating fruit, potatoes, pasta, cooked rice, bread, sugar or alcohol. 

This diet is considered safe for most people but there are three groups that should avoid this diet: people with diabetes or high blood pressure and mothers whom breastfeed. 

There are also some side effects you should know about. First is so called “keto flu” which comes mostly at the beginning of the diet and can cause headache, weakness, constipation or vomiting. Then there is the yoyo effect. It’s hard to follow keto diet for a long time so when you switch to your normal eating habits, you mostly gain some weight back. 

So it’s important to be careful. Keto diet is great but it’s definitely not for everyone. 

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