Why start training Muay Thai?

Man training Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the many types of combat sports and we can find its origin in Thailand. Muay means literally “combat” and therefore,  Muay Thai is often translated as Thai Boxing. The standing of fighters during a fight is the same like in Western Boxing but they can use also elbows, knees and kick strikes. That’s why Muay Thai is often called “The art of 8 limbs”. 

But why should you choose Muay Thai over other martial arts? Well, there are many different effective striking arts but there is no as complete as Muay Thai. As already mentioned, fighters are allowed to use their knee and elbow strikes to beat their opponents and they are also masters at clinching (standing wrestle). Using all these strikes makes them much more effective and dangerous than for example boxers. 

Training Muay Thai will definitely help you to get in shape, but it’s quite difficult to find a really good coach, so if that is the only reason to start with this martial art for you then you can just try any other cardio workout and you are good to go. But if you really want to master Muay Thai and learn all the beautiful techniques, you should definitely consider a trip to Thailand where you can find the origins of art and learn from some of the best at the source.

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